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Sherwoods are a long established building maintenance company.  They approached us to help move their brand forward whilst their business was experiencing rapid growth. Originally the company only focussed on electrical work but has since expanded into all areas of commercial property maintenance.

Our task was to show the world how Sherwoods have expanded their abilities and services without losing the heritage of their 50 year history.

Logo progression

It was important that we kept the essence of the original Sherwoods logo but moved it forward to better show the range of services the company delivers today. The font was modernised, a more inclusive strapline was incorporated, and a wider colour palette was introduced to enable more brand flexibility.

We also created a large ‘S’ device which is used to bring dynamism to the brand, enabling us to separate light and coloured areas of the design. The device is a very bold move and looks especially great on the fleet vehicle livery.


We wanted to create a strong avatar mark which is additional to the main company logo. This avatar is used as a brand stamp that works really well on workwear, marketing literature and internal documents when a full logo is not always needed. The avatar is also useful for social media platforms where logos work better if they fit nicely into a circle or square.

Photography and video

High-quality photography and video are a key part of our regular association with Sherwoods. If we are to authentically represent the company across digital and print media channels with its marketing literature and online assets, then we need access to well-planned and professionally executed photos and film.

We organise promotional videos, such as the one below, to help them with recruitment, team building, and attracting new clients. We oversee the process, from creating the initial storyboard (which helps to convey the desired message in a succinct and engaging visual sequence) to the design of the graphic overlays, ensuring that the visual imagery and text styles remain within brand guidelines.

Brand style

We have created a strong brand style for Sherwoods that is used across various media and is easily recognisable at a glance.

The brand style is an ever-evolving journey and we are continually refining their assets to ensure that the company continues to lead the way in their print and digital communications. For example, the style for their social media is people-focused, showing their skilled workforce and incorporating simple brand elements.

We provided a detailed brand guidelines document to enable all stakeholders to confidently utilise the Sherwoods brand assets.

Company Culture

We create material for Sherwoods to use both in-house and externally. Company culture is very important to this large business which employs a huge team across South West Britain, and each recruit is welcomed with a supporting book, reflecting on the culture at Sherwoods.

This guide tells the history of Sherwoods with engaging team photography and bold typography, emphasising the ethos and values that are the mainstay of the business.