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Here is how we can help you to better present your business to the world

Brand creation

All businesses and organisations are unique. They have their own way of being, their own DNA that determines who they are, what they do, and why they do it. A good brand is so much more than a logo, so much more than a visual, soundbite or catch phrase. A good brand conveys that DNA perfectly every time.

We work with our clients to explore the who, what and why questions that lead them to truly finding their voice – a voice with just the right tone to connect them to just the right people. In a market place where everyone is shouting for attention, we help clients get seen, be heard and be understood.


Things change. It is one of life’s constants, and so it is with business. What worked last year may not work this year. Sometimes it is time for a new look, a new feel, a new vision. Time perhaps to take a fresh look at your brand and your message. Time perhaps to re-imagine how your business might look and sound in this next chapter. We can help.

Brand progression

Your company has changed over time. You have been at your craft for years, growing, learning, improving and adding new services. You are providing a great service to your clients but your existing brand is no longer representing your company accurately or authentically.

With so much good will and visual association in your history a rebrand is not necessary. It is time for a brand progression.

We get to the root of who you are and what you do, digging into all that heritage, and we resurface with a brand progression that truly represents your business in the modern world. Embracing the past but firmly travelling forwards.

Brand consistency

So you have a good strong brand. It communicates who you are, what you do and why you do it. Your next priority is to protect that good brand from being diluted through inconsistent quality, lacklustre messaging and ineffective design. Remember, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

We work with our clients to ensure that they have a consistency of quality in design and tone of voice across their marketing materials and assets. There are lots of companies who are OK at presenting their brand to the world, but we can help you to raise the bar in a way that takes this to the next level. If your brand is not consistent then people will assume your service won’t be either.  Let’s make sure that you are consistently presenting your business in the best possible light.

Design for print

A few years ago people started talking about printed literature as if it was going to die out. But print will never die. It is far too valuable. We are a tactile species who use a combination of our senses to engage with a company’s message. Touch is a powerful sense and, when combined with visually appealing design, can help a message hit home with impact. Specifying a quality uncoated card to present your chic upcycling business carries more weight than you would believe. The power of design and print is very much alive and well. A good business should be using it to their advantage.

Design for digital

The digital space enables us to get your brand and message out to a vast audience. The internet is a powerful tool which should be used appropriately. Simply sticking a copy of your latest print ad online is not going to cut it. Digital adverts need to be designed with their end location and size in mind. How do you get someone’s attention when they are reading that article or social post? Should the ad use movement? It needs to be simple yet have impact.

Website design

We judge books by their covers everyday. One of the main places we do this is when looking at a company’s website. After a glance at their website we have decided whether they are professional, established, experienced etc., whether their website feels like an after thought or a cost saving exercise.

A good website effectively communicates your company’s character, values and essence to the world through a digital device. When someone visits your site it should make them feel like they are actually meeting with your company. People will assume that the amount of care and attention you put into your website is the same care and attention you would show them as a client. Your website is your shopfront that is open 24/7, every day of the year. Make sure that it represents your company in the best possible light.

Marketing direction & delivery

Visually representing your company well is important but it only works if you are visible to the right people. A good marketing plan enables your brand to present its products and services to the people who require them allowing you to successfully acquire, keep and grow customers.

Social Media direction & design

Social media can be a free-for-all mess of garbled messages and disjointed promotion. We work with our clients to make a plan for what types of content they should be producing. We then ensure that they have the visual assets available to consistently represent their brand online across the company’s social channels. 


The world is full of stock images of canned perfection; white-toothed, square-jawed models pretending to represent your business in an authentic way. But stock imagery doesn’t fool many people. We know it is cheap and convenient, but it does nothing to help people connect with the reality of your business. Bespoke professional photography does a huge amount to help close the gap between you and your audience. A half day or full day photoshoot can give us enough quality assets to work with for years to come, enabling us to present your unique business to the world in a far more real and impactful manner. 

Video production

Video is a powerful tool to get your business message across; using sound and movement can achieve far more than just text and images. Video engages clients and gives a clear representation of your company, services and products that just isn’t possible with pictures alone. Search engines give a lot of weight to videos and so having some on your website is a good way to increase your chances of being found. Video watchers tend to share good content on social media; providing them with a video of your company is another great way of reaching a wider audience. If you are a business that is serious about presenting yourself to the world, ensure that video production is a priority. 

Content Writing

Words are powerful tools. Most of us learnt to write early in life, but few of us are really good at it. We can get by, but truly good copy makes a world of difference to a company or organisation who has a message to get across. We partner with a selection of talented copywriters who have experience in a multitude of industries and sectors. We can match you with the right copywriter to enable your song to be heard.

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