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Everything you wanted to know about our services, but were afraid to ask:

The unhelpful answer is ‘the same as the length of a piece of string’. 

But if we asked you what the string was needed for we could then calculate the length needed, and therefore figure out how much to charge for that string.

The same is true for building websites. First we need to know what purposes the website will serve, and therefore work out what sort of functionality and features the site will need.

The majority of websites that we create fit into the following categories:

  1. Company landing page/s to promote the brand or a particular service
  2. Small to medium sized brochure website to more fully present your brand and services online.
  3. Medium to large site with more complicated site structure and options for more advanced functionality.

Landing Pages

These are typically created as a lower cost way of presenting a brand, specific service or offer to the world. It needs to be well built with a simple content management system so that the client can make changes to the content themselves. The page/s will be optimised to display well on computer browsers, tablets and mobile devices. There should be a good call to action.

Typical time scale: 1 month.
Budget range: £1,500-£2,500 + VAT

Small to medium brochure site

As above but on a larger scale. A site plan will be designed to ensure that the site is easily navigable and that users are funnelled through the page content to the desired call to action. These sites tend to have standard brochure site functionality with contact form and a good way of displaying your services.

Typical timescale: 3-4 months
Budget range: £5,000-£8,000 + VAT

Medium to large website

As above but with a far more detailed site structure and using more page templates to effectively communicate the content; these sites can feature some more complex functionality than a standard site build. Items such as price calculators, and customer login areas can be used to give site users a more comprehensive experience of your company.

Typical timescale: 4-9 months
Budget range: £8,000-£20,000 + VAT

E-commerce sites

If your website needs to sell products online then we would be able to point you in the direction of a good e-commerce specialist. We don’t offer e-commerce websites ourselves and advise you to work with a company who specialises in this craft. 

Your budget will need to start at around £20,000 and could keep going into the hundreds of thousands.

Cheap websites

There are ways available for creating cheaper websites; you can use template companies such as Wix or Square Space. But if you are a company or an organisation who provide a quality service, you really should prioritise setting aside a budget for a professional website build. Active, growing companies grow out of cheap, templated websites very quickly. We do not provide cheap websites.

How long is your string?

If you need to get a website produced that works well for your company then please do get in touch with us to explore what’s possible.

Photoshoots tend to be priced by the half day or full day. There are some other factors to take into account such as the distance to the location and whether we need any additional special kit.

We provide two types of photoshoot:

  1. Straight photoshoot
  2. Directed photoshoot

Straight photoshoot

This is where the client organises the photoshoot location, and subject matter. We will have a briefing call with the client ahead of the shoot and then translate the plan to the photographer so they know what sort of photos we are trying to achieve.

This type of shoot is usually suited for team photos, headshots, buildings, vehicles or products.  Typically the images acquired in the straight shoot will be good for one or two specific projects or tasks.

Directed photoshoot

If you need a bunch of quality images to work across your marketing literature and website, then a directed photoshoot would be a much better choice. A member of our team will work with the client to plan the shoot, brief the photographer, and then direct the shoot. This gets far better results as our director will have your entire brand and suite of marketing collateral in mind as they direct the photographer to get the desired photos. We ensure that you get wide shots, tall and square shots, focussed detail shots, industry textures and great head shots.

The results of a directed photoshoot is a great range of quality images that can be used across a host of projects over the next few years. These images will enable our team to create even better promotional and marketing material for the client.

Post production

Both types of shoot are priced to include the post production of the images. These will be edited, cropped, colour graded and supplied to the client both in full size and web sized files. Once the photoshoot is complete and paid for, the photos can be used by the client however they desire. 

So what sort of budget do you need?

Straight photoshoots typically start at £650 for a half day. £1,200 for a full day.

Directed photoshoots typically start at £975 for half day and  £1,785 for a full day.

+ VAT.

It is quite common for our clients to have two or three half day photoshoots across the year, which gives them excellent results. We are able to capture a range of locations, weather and subject matter providing images that will be worth their weight in gold for many years to come.

If you need help with getting some professional photos taken for your business or organisation, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to talk more about the process and explain how we can help you better present your company to the world.

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Article is coming soon…

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